Class Levels

Class Levels

Wednesday classes at the Scottish Cultural Centre – 8886 Hudson Street Vancouver

Thursday classes at the Kerrisdale Community Centre – 5851 West Blvd, Vancouver

Wee ones – ages 3-5:

This fun interactive Kindertartan Program is aimed to introduce your wee one to basic rhythms of Jigs and Reels and basic steps and formations.

The classes are designed for solo work in Highland Dancing and learning to dance with others in Scottish Country Dance Formations. Children must be able to take these classes on their own. A observation day for parents will take place at the end of each session. Instructor: Aislinn Kenyon.

Beginners: 4 and up:

DSC_0152-300x215Introduction to Highland & Scottish Country Dancing. Learn basic steps for reels and jigs. Learn different music tempos for all basic steps and formations. Starting at 4 years of age.


These classes are slightly more intense. In addition to reels and jigs, dancers will be introduced to more complex patterns in strathspeys and hornpipes and more intricate formations. Great emphasis will be placed on technique in both solo and group dancing.


Dancers who have completed previous classes. For highly motivated teens and young adults interested in performing. Background in all forms of Scottish Dance and attending Medal Test Classes. Travel to festivals and performances overseas will be included in this class.

All dancers registered have equal opportunity to perform; there are no additional fees or classes to belong to a performance group. There are no auditions. The dancers will enjoy dancing for the fun of movement, at the same time learning a disciplined skill that will carry them through their lives. There are equal opportunities for Workshops, Festivals and Tours. They will learn good self-esteem, confidence and will have many opportunities to perform.

Dancers in this school have travelled the globe through their education in dance with Sandra Crosby and the Inverglen Scottish Dance School. Their Scottish Country Dancing, the fine ballroom dancing of Scotland, will carry them through their lives. You may find Scottish Country Dance Associations from Scotland to Japan, Germany to Hong Kong. Dancers of all ages join in to celebrate at any social gathering.

SDTA Medal Test Dance Exams – Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance Medal Test Dance Exams are a graded exam testing comparable to the Royal Conservatory exams for piano. There are five sections that students can be tested on: Highland, National, Irish Jig, Hornpipe and graded exams. Marks include Fail, Pass, Commended or Highly Commended. In the case of Theory: Fail, Pass, Merit and Honours. As well as written results of encouragement and improvement.

The examiner is sent by the Scottish Dance Alliance in Scotland. Tests are held each spring. Students that choose to participate are tested and will recieve their results, medals and certificates.